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*** I was having many stomach issues and general stomach upset. I was also stressed out with school and having test anxiety and a hard time concentrating in class. 

Mary was knowledgable not only in acupuncture and what herbs to take but also with food. She suggested to do a few things that really made a difference. In addition the acupuncture really supported my digestion a as well as immune system. My PMS got a lot better too. I have less and less cramps the longer I went. She really helped with my stomach issues and cramps. It made such a huge difference. 

In addition to being a great practioner Mary is extremely genuine and present. She also really cares about your progress and is easy to talk to. She is one of the kindest people I have ever known and is really great to be around. ~ Tina S., Los Angeles 

***In my 25-year experience of being treated by holistic practitioners as a patient and 22-years experience working alongside practitioners of the healing arts as a massage therapist, I can honestly say that Mary Parr is among the most truly gifted I have had the pleasure to know. Even as a student, Mary's academic prowess was only matched by her intuitive nature, for she shows a palpable empathy and desire to improve the human condition. 


As a patient of Mary's, I experienced first-hand her ability to quickly dispatch acute conditions with surgical diligence as well as show the patience and layered insight to find resolve in my long-standing chronic conditions that had become deeply entrenched into my day to day life. Mary's ability to inspire instant trust and confidence in even the most reluctant of patients, coupled with the needling techniques that are both efficient and gentle for those new and/or uncomfortable with the physical idea of acupuncture. ~ Bill B., LMT

Mary M. Parr, L.Ac


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